Paintings by Avyaan Jain

In 2018, as Avyaan was just turning three years old, he came up to his mother and said, "Mumma! I want to make a new world!". Surprised by his idea, she asked him "What is wrong with the world we live in? What would you like to change?" To which he replied, "Mumma, I want to see more happy faces."
During Diwali in 2019, with his utmost fondness towards Robots, he put on his all-time favourite song from Aladdin, "Friend like me" by Will Smith, pulled out a canvas from one of the birthday return gifts, and began to paint a Robot and a Flowerpot. He drew a little boy next to the Robot lighting the flowerpot. Soon, he filled the canvas with unique colours created by him using self-learned blending techniques. 
To Avyaan, every painting he creates is "A whole new world". While painting, he dances a little, sings throughout, and smiles a lot. Finally, he plays the drums on the canvas using his rollers and brushes to finish the piece.

Hoping to fulfill his dream to see many more happy faces, he is now painting for YOU. 2020 and 2021 have been very hard for adults and moreover, for children, who have been deprived of going to school, taking a dip in the pool, traveling, celebrating their birthdays with friends and family, visiting a bakery or the Zoo. Five-year-old Avyaan wanted to reach out and help those who have been affected by this pandemic, and do his bit. He would like to sell his Art and donate 100% of the proceeds to buying oxygen concentrators with the help of Crowd Wave.

We hope we can all help him build "A world with more happy faces."

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