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Diana Shatish #2

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About the Artwork:
"An hour away from Hyderabad is the village of Cheriyal. The scroll paintings hail from this village. The Cheriyal style of folk art depicts the daily routine of the village folks, festivals, and celebrations. Dating back to 400 years ago in time, these scrolls were commissioned by the bards or the village storytellers. The singers/bards/storytellers would carry the 40 feet by 60 feet scrolls around to various villages to tell stories under the Kerosene lamps. This was clearly the only form of entertainment in the evenings. In one of my paintings, you can see men and women are chatting in the evening cool breeze. The other two depict the daily routine like playing "Pallankuzhi", a traditional Indian game under the trees, in the cool afternoons. The women pounding rice while the chickens feast on the scattered grains. What a beautiful way to live in accordance with nature and carrying out simple stress-free routines!"

Size: 30 x 22 inches
Scroll painting. A mix of acrylics and natural colour pigment with apple tree gum.

About the Artist:
Diana Shatish is an artist and art educator with 22 years of experience in the field. She currently works at KC HIGH international school. She is the chapter head for the INDIAN ARTS ASSOCIATION representing Chennai. She teaches European, Western, and Indian art in the classroom, thus providing holistic art education for young learners. She continues to strive hard to provide a non-judgmental space for the children to explore Art with freedom and to help retain that innocence in their creations. This will be her ongoing mission as well for the future.

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