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Divya Krishnan #3

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About the Artwork:
"Acne Positivity: As a growing teen, just like anyone else, I have a lot of pimples and texture. Although perfectly normal, and out of my hands I used to feel so "dirty", and "gross" about it. It was one of my biggest insecurities, and I used to spend hours trying different creams and masks, hoping that one day it would just go away. To make things worse, I would see these videos of people on social media- perfect, clear, skin. I wondered why mine was so 'ugly'. Little did I know how acne can be so easily hidden by layers of makeup and filters. I have now that I realized how perfectly normal and beautiful acne is. That there is no need to cover it up. It's natural, raw, and gorgeous. Acne doesn't define who you are, it's a part of life."

Size: 11.41 x 11.81 inches
Portrait in coloured pencil, on Strathmore coloured pencil paper.

About the Artist: Divya Krishnan is 13-years-old and has been drawing for 2 years. She enjoys drawing people - she feels more connected to them by drawing them than actually talking to them. It's almost as though she substitutes her lack of confidence to talk to people by simply just drawing them. She feels much calmer and relaxed that way. She tries to find pictures of people that stand out from today's impossible beauty standards. As a teenage girl surrounded by social media and the need to physically fulfill unrealistic expectations in the human body, she tries her best to draw a large range of facial features, hoping to make people feel as beautiful as they are.

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